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03 April 2009

SIWOTI isn't all bad..

I feel that I owe a brief thank you to the denizens of Pharyngula and RD.net... The hours of reading and contributing to the various and sundry arguments on those sites certainly helped hone my critical writing and argumentative skills.... which may have contributed to blowing the top off of the critical writing section of the GRE. So, sadly disguised attempt at bravado aside, if anyone who's participated in those happens to read this, thank you.
A second credit is probably due to the one current follower of the blog and numerous "matches on the bar". Thanks shithead, let's drink a Guinness and be elitist assholes in public again soon.


  1. If I happen to be the shithead to which you are referring, I'll be in the triangle area for Easter weekend. For purely religious reasons, of course. Congrats on the GRE success.

  2. Yep, I meant you... give me a ring while you're up. I'm free that weekend, excepting Sunday. The. Dead. Greensboro.