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27 April 2009

Case and point?


So, according to the editorial, a case against conservative Christianity was its stance that environmental problems aren't worth being concerned over, what with the Rapture and such right around the corner. I take issue with their use of the word was, but yes, that's a pretty strong condemnation of any religious group: "Hey, don't worry about the planet, our imaginary friend is going to blow it all up soon (with some help from his faithful followers and nuke-yoo-ler bombs)".
In support of their use of the past tense, the N&O posts this little gem
So it's good news not only that Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest is going out of its way to conserve energy on campus, but also that it hosted (with its L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture) a Creation Care Symposium over the past weekend.

Oh, yes.. that's spectacular. They've decided they want a lower power bill, so they'll save some energy. Creation Care Symposium?! Yes, why would we ever admit that it might not have been created in our effort to pretend that we're going to help slow the denigration of the planet.

The comments betray a far more accurate view of conservative Xian views:

cackcon wrote on April, 27 7:29 AM:
Oh, and I hope y'all realize that "faith in the earth" would constitute paganism. You can keep "Mother Earth"; I'll take Father God any day!
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cackcon wrote on April, 27 7:24 AM:
So y'all are theologians now, eh?There are so many untruths tangled together in this Editorial to unpack within this comment box. But what I would like to suggest, simply, is that your tongue-in-cheek praise for a denomination of the Christian faith is rather appalling, dripping as it does with politically-motivated insincerity.If the Southern Baptists cared at all for what you Editors thought, they would have long ago succumbed to the panic attack that is environmentalism. Kudos to them for not diving off the cliff just because everyone else (and every other denomination, it seems) has done so already.

At least they'll go along with the rest of the human race when they do something abysmally stupid... It's not as if the planet needs us here.

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  1. Well, the planet needs me here, anyway, and that is why I will survive the Rapture in order to lead the definitionally sensible Left Behind people.