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18 March 2009

My Irony meter just broke, again...


Venessa Mills, the Wake County mother whose home-schooled children were ordered to attend public schools, grew alienated from her husband and parents after joining a religious group that some former members call a cult, the judge in the case said Tuesday in a written order.

That's funny, some former members of the Catholic Church call it a cult... can we extend this ruling?

"It is in the best interest of these minor children based on all of the evidence presented that Mr. Mills, a father with equal rights, should be allowed to expose the children to more than just the experiences that Venessa Mills desires," Mangum wrote.

Magnum's ruling quotes people named as former members of Sound Doctrine who describe the institution as abusive. They say Sound Doctrine practiced brainwashing and was run by fear and manipulation.

See, here's where we run into issues: the judge claims that the 'cult'
is abusive because it's run on manipulation and fear, whereas I would argue that pretty much any religion is run on those same two concepts. Fear of death, darkness, sex, and the unknown are the starting point for all religion. The ability to manipulate those fears is all that keeps the clergy in control. In terms of abuse, what inflicts more damage than fostering the fear of eternal torment by fire, and torture in children? This lasts a lifetime in many people...

Humanity has grown out of its awkward childhood, it is high time to put away the imaginary friends.


  1. I agree with what you are saying. I feel bad for Brittany she buys into all of the ideals of the church. As I only believe in a god and not the idea of heaven and hell. I believe we all go somewere but we choose were. It could be with a family member or with a god. It is kinda childish to believe in that but it makes some people feel better about death and no so scared that everything just ends in darkness.

  2. "I was dead for millions of years before I was born and it never inconvenienced me a bit." Mark Twain.

    Some people need the security blanker... moreso when a family member has recently passed or may soon. I'm not about to offer false consolation, nor am I going to take that comfort, false or not, from the bereaved. At other times, I might argue the point.

  3. You godless heathen, may almighty Dog have mercy on your soul.