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I am a former middle and high school science teacher pursuing a doctorate in Science Ed. at George Mason University, with a concentration in cognitive science and the evolution of cognition and learning. Postings on this blog represent my own views, not those of my employer or school. All writing displayed on this page is original work unless otherwise noted, and thus copyrighted.

15 March 2009

Comment Rules...

Not that anyone is following , and therefore commenting, but I'd like to post my guidelines for posting comments in anticipation of that happy event.

1. Agree, or disagree, with me at your own behest.

2. Please refrain from spamming, god-botting (posting verses from your own particular holy book as evidence of anything, I don't care, I don't believe it. Period), and continually derailing comment threads to suit your own agenda.

3. Feel free to use whatever language you wish... I'm not looking to censor based upon vulgarity or offensiveness. That being said, postings that are intended to incite violence against any group may be removed at my whim. If I judge you to be jesting, I'll leave it up.


  1. I will do my best to follow the fucking rules. I am a a godless southern as well. I work in law enforcement and believe me, the overt integration of church and state that I witness infuriates the hell (pun intended) out of me. Glad to see someone teaching our kids who stands for reason and critical thinking. I've got high school age kids so it means a lot. Thanks. I do the whole blog/twitter thing as well, so I'll be seeing you around the sphere.

  2. Thanks for the appreciation... I'm not southern, I'm a transplant from NY. The promotion of critical thinking, in my case, has to be carefully done so as not to piss off too many religites... I'm not tenured yet.

  3. "the overt integration of church and state that I witness..."

    It's scary to hear you say that, scatheist.