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19 February 2011

Excellent use of a degree...

Since I can't reply how I'd like to this in the class forum, I'm doing it here. Briefly. 

Picture of Nancy Fire
Dr. Joe Collins visiting class Monday night
by Nancy Fire - Saturday, 19 February 2011, 10:55 AM
Hi Everyone, Dr. Joe Collins will be visiting class Monday night to discuss his phenomenology study about "Calling".  I have posted his dissertation for you to look over.  He is a graduate of NC State, now teaching at Gardner-Webb and creating and playing dulcimers.  Here's his dulcimer website: http://www.jcdulcimer.com/ ...He's a testimony that there is life after the doctorate!  smile
He may post other readings as we move through the weekend. These will be for your further understanding of this phenomenological framework for those of you considering this approach for your own research.

  'Life after doctorate'? If my life after obtaining my degree consists of creating and playing dulcimers, I'm wasting several years and a large amount of someone's money... In fact, I'd think you could create and play dulcimers without the benefit of anything other than some metallurgy and music classes, available at your local high school (well, the metallurgy probably isn't anymore, but there have to be community ed. art classes that could get you to that point, right?) Oh my, doesn't Monday night's class sound enthralling. Who'd like to pretend they're me for an evening? Be loud, rational, and make faces at all the airy-fairy BS spouted by, well, nearly everyone else in there (but particularly those who've earned their degree in whateverthefuckthey'veearneditin) and you'll play my role well. Oh, and I'm sorry Dr. Fire, but there's absolutely no chance in nonexistent hell that I'm going to read something posted for my supposed edification within two days of a weekly class. Get your shit together and post it at the beginning of the week, and realise that not only do we have classes besides yours that place demands on our time, but that in the interest of our sanity we might find something to do other than dealing with your web board. For example, I'm currently coloring concentric circles in highlighter on pages of one of last week's readings, and going to the shooting range shortly.

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